CapTel Phones

If you struggle to hear on the phone and/or prefer to watch television with the closed captions on, then CapTel Texas will help you use the telephone with confidence! If you have difficulty hearing, you can be sure of what your callers say – on every call – with  Texas' Captioned Telephone Service. Captions appear virtually at the same time as your caller speaks, allowing you to enjoy the natural flow of a telephone conversation.


How New Jersey CapTel WorksCapTel phones are designed to give you the best of both worlds – voice and captions. Simply dial your party’s number like you would with any phone. Your CapTel phone automatically connects you to the captioning service.

When your party answers, you hear everything they say with your residual hearing. At the same time, the captioning service uses advanced voice recognition technology to transcribe everything your caller is saying and turning it into text, which appears on your CapTel phone’s screen.

840 - A Basic Phone Line is All You Need

CapTel 840 Traditional PhoneThe CapTel 840 captures your conversation by quickly and accurately displaying captions of everything your caller says on a built-in screen. It connects to your standard analog telephone service to give you the best of both worlds - voice and captions. Caption service is free and provided by a call center agent using voice recognition technology.

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